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Help 4&5 year olds reduce their anxiety and improve self-confidence by reinforcing positive self-talk in a fun and engaging way!


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As a parent and kindergarten teacher, I know finding the right words to help our kids can be a real challenge.
Especially lately…

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Books that help children handle life's difficult emotions, providing tools for lifelong confidence

Helping kids

How to easily BOOST a child's self esteem
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Books, lesson plans, songs and MORE to help you reinforce important SEL learning

Lesson Plans and Resources

Based on CASEL's five social emotional competencies
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Laurie geeks out over ALL THINGS publishing and marketing, so that you don't have to!

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Parents & Caregivers
My books help the children in your life learn to handle difficult emotions and provide the tools for lifelong confidence.
Empowering Kids
Books designed to help adults show children how to say adios to low self-esteem, low self-worth, and negative self-talk.
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Each book is a quick, simple to read and use resource. Follow my lesson plans to re-program your preschool and kindergarten students’ brains.
Lesson Plans and Resources
Help improve your students’ social emotional competencies.
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I teach and consult with writers who want help to create and/or grow strong book businesses.
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I work with writers in all stages of the journey. Click below to see the courses and services I offer.
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Book Bundles

Mindful Mantras - Teacher MEGA bundle

The Mindful Mantras MEGA Bundle

Order the collection of books, lesson plans, songs, audiobooks & MORE! Get instant access to the digital resources, expect the books in the mail in about two weeks!

I Can Handle It bundle for teachers image of resources

I Can Handle It - Classroom Set

Fight learned helplessness in the classroom with this Book and Resource Set. Get instant access to the digital resources, expect books in the mail in about two weeks.

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