About Laurie Wright

My Story
I do a lot of things.

The most important thing I do is raise my three kids. They make me laugh, make me tired, and occasionally make me hide in the closet with Doritos. But they are still the most important thing I do.  

The second most important thing I do is to help children around the world learn how to handle their emotions. I’m thrilled to share that my books have been, or are currently being, translated into 8 other languages and sold all over the world. EEK! It’s still hard for me to believe!

Thirdly, I help writers to create and grow strong book businesses. 
No matter what stage you’re in, I can help!  I geek out about all things publishing, so you don’t have to. See the courses I offer HERE!

I do all of these things while trying to maintain harmony in my life and trying to pee alone! It’s not.easy.oh.my.goodness.

The days fly by, and I try to capture the beautiful moments as they happen, as often as I can. 


Best Selling Author

Empowering kids,
one book at a time.

Laurie Wright is a woman on a mission to improve the mental health and emotional welfare of children around the world, one book at a time! Improving a child’s positive self-talk sets them up for success for the rest of their lives! 

If you’ve ever said anything mean to yourself, you know this is true.

Publishing coach

Once upon a time, I had a dream.

I had written a book and was delighted with it, but was scared to share it with anyone else. 

Not knowing what to do next, I closed my computer and went on with my life. 

Ten years later, when I dedicated myself to getting my book OUT there, I had a lot of learning to do! There’s an overwhelming amount of (sometimes conflicting) info online, and it can be tough to navigate. 

Luckily I LOVE learning, and soaked up everything that I could from people who’d been there already. Of course, then I had to tweak what I’d learned to make it work for picture books. 

My world has changed since I found the courage to pursue publishing. I love to help children and their families handle their big emotions better, and I love helping writers make their book dreams come true.

Once upon a time, I wrote a book that changed my life and I am loving this story. 




My Books

The Mindful Mantra Collection

The books in this series are quick, simple to read, useful resources for parents and teachers. They will give you a common language to use to help children self-regulate.

The Courage Chronicles Collection

A fantasy book series for ages 7-10. Interesting stories about transformation and magic, all while telling your kids how they too can find their courage through a wonderful story.