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To little children, the world is B-I-G and full of confusing situations that create hard to handle feelings.

Telling children repeatedly that they will be okay doesn’t work. 

Share the funny pictures in ‘I Will Be Okay’ with your children while reinforcing the idea that they are not helpless, and that they can do things for themselves when they have tricky feelings, that will help them feel okay again. 

Worried about mom and dad going out for the night? 
Make them a surprise present to find when they return!

Scared of a thunderstorm? 
Hide in a fort with a friend. 

Learn the Mindful Mantra ‘I will be okay‘ along with your children and practice it until it is an automatic thought. Then sit back, and prepare for your child to reassure you that they will be okay! 


As a bonus for parents and teachers, go to bit.ly/LaurieWright3 for FREE resources!

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