Email Overwhelm Sucks. Here’s how to make it suck less.

Email sucks episode

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Email has such a way of getting out of control!

We really just need to


Most of us fall into two camps when it comes to being faced with email overwhelm. We either incessantly check all day long, thus wasting scads of time. OR we ignore, ignore, IGNORE — and then delete 657 emails in one button boop.

Until recently, I would open my inbox, scan for important messages (purchase orders, messages from clients, adoration letters from fans 😜) and then quickly shut that sucker down. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

But then one day it ALL changed.

Average number of emails?

The average amount of daily emails a person gets is FORTY.

Random internet source

I subscribe to a GREAT newsletter (purposefully! There’s not many people I want to read on a weekly basis, but this one is really great) and in June he recommended this article.

I instantly knew it was a game changer, and not just because it’s called The Best Gmail Inbox System We’ve Ever Seen‘!

This is a next-level gmail organizational strategy that will bring you back to inbox zero DAILY. (I mean, you have to actually DO it, of course, emails don’t sort themselves)

No one ever got rich checking their email more often

Noah Kagan

Email Overwhelm sucks!

I encourage you to take action, reduce the time wasted on thinking about and managing your inbox!

Feel like you need more help focussing on your work? Try this article and then try this article. And let me know what resonates with you!

Need more info about managing your author dreams when you’re short on time? Listen to last week’s solo episode here.

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Email Overwhelm Sucks. Here’s how to make it suck less.

Topic 1: EMAIL Time Management Duration

1. Email has a way of getting out of control! Stop that.

2. So you have stress when you look at your inbox? You likely fall into one of two camps: you can’t stop checking it, but causes you stress, OR you ignore because it causes you stress! Which one are you? 

3. Average daily emails a person gets is FORTY

4. “Don’t’ let your email dictate your priorities” Jeff Davidson

“NO one ever got rich checking their email more often” Noah Kagan

Not too long ago I happened upon an amazing article on Appsumo where I learned how to organize my inbox in gmail – i no longer see the Inbox, promo and whatever the third one was. I have 5 files where I can move the messages into (As authors you could do a follow up, an urgent, maybe an purchase orders, to read later, or marketing ones) 

Linked in the show notes is the video series that taught me how to get my gmail under control! You’ll see 7 videos in the article on the Appsumo blog, and Kelly Stocker is the genius behind them. They are all worthwhile but skip to the gmail one if your time is limited. 

 It’ll be at lauriewrightauthor.com/emailsucks

Email Overwhelm

Topic 3: The last point I’m going to make today is for all of you who are hotmail years old. And I raise my hand, I’m among you, but for business I use a gmail account. And to go even one step more, if you have a domain name, you can go to where you bought that and create an email alias that redirects to your regular gmail account. So for example, you can have a ‘director@your domain.com

Okay that’s all for emails for today! I hope this was helpful and that no one is offended. HAHA

Join me again on Monday, because the amazing Stacy Bauer is here talking to me about FB ads – she had me actually excited to give them a try again!! 

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