Picture Book Publishing Process

Ever wondered how to publish a children’s book?

Everything you need to know to successfully self-publish your children’s book, taught online to learn at your own pace.

You get lifetime access & a streamlined process that will take you from PLAN to PUBLISHED!

$150.00 USD

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… learn how to self-publish a children’s book, because it’s

Time to Achieve your DREAM! 

…and your book isn’t going to publish itself. 😜

The Picture Book Publishing Process is exactly what you need to go from just an IDEA for a book, to holding your published book IN YOUR HANDS.

Easy to follow lessons with me as your guide.

When you’re done you will have:

  • a well-written, edited children’s book that appeals to a market you have researched
  • the knowledge of how to self-publish a picture book, including
    • market research
    • sellable stories
    • good pricing
    • ebook creation
    • how to find an illustrator
  • a good understanding of copywriting, how it differs from the book writing itself and where to use it
  • the knowledge of what to do when/if things go wrong

I can’t wait to help you publish your children’s book, to celebrate with you when we’re done, and to read YOUR BOOK!

Laurie’s 30-Day Action Plan is what every aspiring author needs to help streamline the self-publishing process. The information that is out there on this subject can be overwhelming, but this course filters it into easy to digest bites, organized in the order they should be completed. Without this veritable map of self-publishing, and Laurie’s invaluable guidance, I’d be lost. – Lauren E. Author of ‘The Cherry On Top’

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