I Can Handle It – Mindful Mantras

The anxiety buster THAT ALWAYS proves to be the missing piece of the puzzle for young kids.

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Kids learn well through repetition, and simple easy to ‘get’ language. 

Positive self-talk is incredibly important for improving and maintaining mental health and the mindful mantra books are a way to plant that positivity right into a child’s head!

Your child will incorporate the positive thought I Can Handle It almost immediately after reading this book.

In a tough situation, they will think I can handle it‘, and when they are dealing with tough emotions, they will think ‘I CAN handle it!’.

Even if kids aren’t saying the words out loud, reading this book will help them to learn and practice the idea that they ARE capable.

Help your child learn to handle difficult emotions along with Sebastien, and provide a tool for lifelong confidence.

Depression and anxiety don’t discriminate and our kids need help. ‘I Can Handle It’ equips children with a necessary skill to alleviate everyday anxieties that arise in their lives.

And because teachers and parents have such a difficult and important job, this book includes a resource for both. Simply go HERE to get the free resources!

NOW AVAILABLE:  A series of nine PLUS extra resources!  

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