I Can Handle It Books and Teacher Resources

Combat learned helplessness with the ‘I Can Handle It’ Book and Teacher Resource Bundle. Improve feelings of self-efficacy and problem solving skills in the classroom.

These resources will BOOST your student’s resiliency whether they’re in school or online.

Rhyme & repetition work together to make these books incredibly effective.

Children listen to these books once, and guess what they’re already starting to say?

It sounds unlikely, but it’s true. Children as young as 3 years old have started this positive self-talk after hearing these stories.

Everyday situations are depicted, from having to stay at home (hellooo pandemic!) to being sad at not seeing loved ones on special days.

Kid-friendly language and common situations make these books helpful teacher tools when you’re looking to add to your SEL program.

Want to share the resources with your whole school?
A school wide license can be extended for a nominal fee.

For group discounts on physical books, send an email with the quantity you need.

$47.00 USD

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Practical and Kids love it
I am a children’s mental health counselor – I read this book to children several times since receiving it- so far kids love it and some of it’s funny suggestions that lighten the uncomfortable feelings/experiences.  At least half of clients struggle with trauma and attachment issues –  the coping techniques that would not work for them were used as opportunities to process their unique struggles.
Great book to add to the emotional intelligence library.
We ALL could use these tips for handling difficult situations
This is such a great book for EVERY kid out there (and maybe a few adults, too). It’s chock full of simple easy ways to handle situations that kids might find difficult or uncomfortable. Love all of Laurie Wright’s books for kids. They’re so accessible for readers of all ages.



Giant book and resource bundle great for Jr.K – Grade 1 Teachers

You get:

  • 2 physical books
  • 2 audiobooks
  • 4 lesson plans
  • downloadable activity book

Help your students learn to problem solve, understand their emotions better and speak more kindly to themselves, by using these done for you resources. ** New pages were added to ‘I Can Handle It’ in 2020 to address the worries that come from staying home, and having a disrupted routine. Perfect for helping young children process the pandemic and how life has changed since then.

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