I Can Handle It Craft Pages

Perfect for expressing feeling though crafts and dramatic play!

10 pages FULL of possibilities.

$10.00 USD

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There’s a different story for each child, and these craft pages are a creative way for kids to tell them!

  • Cut the characters out and adhere them to popsicle sticks for instant puppets
  • use the cut outs in a diorama
  • cut a slit in cardboard to put the puppets through, and PRESTO you have a show!

This set of 10 pages can be used in SO many ways with the classroom or at home. If children can’t express their feelings, they’ll be able to show you.

**FYI – these are actual pages from the ‘I Can Handle It’ book, from a shipment that had damaged the front covers. Rather than destroy the entire shipment of books, why not let kids cut, color and glue them into something new?! The covers will not be included, and the pages are separated so that kids don’t get the idea to cut, color and glue their ‘real’ books. ~Laurie