Mindful Mantras – I Matter – 2nd Edition

A storybook with a purpose!  Let your children know how much they matter while they’re young so that they don’t need to wonder when they are older.

$11.99 USD

I matter is a POWERFUL thought. 

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how important you are? 

How often do you think about all the people you matter to? 

Do you ever think about WHY you matter? 

Our children need to grow up knowing without a doubt that they MATTER, and seeing ourselves through other’s eyes is a great way to learn. 

Why? Children can feel small and insignificant in a busy and often complicated world, and begin to question their place in life. 

This becomes especially serious in the teenage years when peer pressure is at its worst. 

Let’s work together to teach our children to look between the lines. To realize how much they matter, to whom, and why. 

Teachers can go HERE for a free lesson plan to use with this story, and to help boost the self-esteem in your students.

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Amazon Reviews:

 May 6, 2018
Great book!!! Beware the effects: when you put your toddler in time out, they might just break your heart by telling you, “I matter.”
 March 8, 2018
I use this regularly in a special education setting for children who need social skills and emotional education.