Mindful Mantras Collection

Help four and five year olds improve self-confidence in a fun and engaging way, with the Mindful Mantras Collection.

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Every Boy Should Have One. Probably the best educational book I have purchased from Amazon so far. Teaches boys not to get upset in certain scenarios. Quick and fun read. Kids love it. Breeds independence. Should be in every little boys’ library.” – Amazon Review by The_Mad_Hatter 

“My 8 year old has anxiety and has been in therapy since she was 4. We just purchased the Mindful Mantra series and I am amazed at how relatable, powerful, and appropriate they are for ALL kids, especially those who struggle with anxiety. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Laurie!.” – Gale T. 

The Mindful Mantras collection was written and designed by a kindergarten teacher specifically to help 4 & 5 year olds improve their self confidence and reduce their anxiety, so that they feel more successful and become better able to handle everyday situations.  

Each book is quick and simple to read for parents and teachers.  Children will recognize situations from their daily lives and see what their choices look like when they’re reflected back to them. Common situations and the different ways kids might react to them allow a way to start conversations about important topics.

For example, how does your child feel about busy family get togethers? Is it a cause of stress and anxiety because of the food, the noise or the expectations? Read ‘I Can Handle It 2’ and talk about all the ways special occasions can actually cause us a lot of worry!

By reading about different food, loud noises, or unfamiliar people you can help prepare your child to handle all kinds of situations. The books are just silly enough to be fun and engaging, as well as memorable.

This collection includes nine different affirmations that all boost self-confidence, which will reduce anxiety.

⭐ Even if children aren’t saying the words from the books out loud, if they learn and practice these ⭐  mantras they will become a part of their internal talk. 

Read these books, have conversations, and let your child’s self-confidence SOAR!

To read about each book on its own, click HERE. Already have one or two of the books? PROBLEM SOLVED!  Give one as a gift to a teacher or a friend!

Exciting news! The Mindful Mantras collection is currently being translated into Korean, Vietnamese, Romanian, Icelandic, simple and complex Chinese!