The Courage Chronicles: Rainbow’s End

Transformation, unicorns, rainbows, and goblins, what more could a kid ask for?

Take the journey with three captivating children who find themselves in a new land, on a big adventure, and with a very BIG problem!

*If this is a present I am happy to gift wrap and label it for you!  (wrapping is my jam)

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Being brave may be more than you think.

on November 10, 2017 – Published on

Is there a unicorn lover in your life? Rainbow’s End has it all!  Unicorns, adventure, goblins, and magical transformations!  What child doesn’t want to transform into a magical creature and have powers??

Join these delightful siblings on an amazing adventure to a new land.  They will make new friends, solve a really big problem, fight off goblins and discover their courage.

“There is magic that lies
Just beyond what is seen;
A knowledge held only
By those who have been.

“As you turn the clock’s dial,
Move the hands ’round the face,
Prepare to arrive
In a new time and place.”

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