The Courage Chronicles: Dragon’s Song

Transformation, dragons, and moon songs, what more could a kid ask for?

Take the journey with three captivating children who find themselves in a new land, on a big adventure, and with a very BIG problem!

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$7.99 USD

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Adventure, transformation and new friends who will be remembered forever!

In this installment of The Courage Chronicles, the sibling roles get a bit turned around.

Sebastien, the oldest, usually has to watch out for the little ones. It doesn’t work out that way this time, due to a lost little brother and a new tail!

Elise has been protected by her older brother her whole life, but was recently transformed into a unicorn and took on the protector role herself. This time, Elise must choose between helping her older brother sort out his new tail, and locating her younger brother who is lost – again.

The littlest sibling will always be the baby, the one most likely to wander off and to cause chaos amongst those left searching, whether that baby is human … or dragon.

Have you ever noticed how kids LOVE to pretend that they magically transform into fantastical creatures? This series is that imaginative play in book form! Children 4-8 will enjoy hearing the story read aloud, while their older siblings will enjoy listening in on the adventures.

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