Marketing for Indie Children’s Authors

Sell more books without the overwhelm, even if you have almost no time.

…cause it’s a pandemic and the kids are always home…AHHHh….

$288.00 USD

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You’re excited to sit down and work on your book biz – YAY!!! – but you quickly realize your book isn’t selling well, and you’d really like it to. Not just to make your investment back, but because you want kids to READ IT!

You put your blood, sweat & buckets of tears into your book, and it deserves to be read.

You want to sell more books, and you know you have to ‘market’ it. (but what does that even mean⁉)

The more you go down the marketing hole, the more overwhelmed you feel because there are SO MANY THINGS you feel like you should be doing. But it’s so OVERwhelming and you’d rather give yourself a paper-cut in the eyeball with your masterpiece than ask someone to ‘BUY YOUR BOOK!’

You want to do what you’ve seen others do – SELL MORE BOOKS! – but you only have an hour a day, and you aren’t sure what to do first. Post on social? Run an ad somewhere? Change the description like Sharon did? Ask in a group and then try to wrap your head around all the different answers you got… from people who aren’t even published yet!?? UGH.


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