From Creating Movies to Writing Children’s Books with Sarah and Rew Jones [Ep. 64 of The Writer’s Way Podcast]

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Hello Writers!

This week let me introduce Sarah and Rew Jones!

From Creating Movies To Writing Children’s Books, this power couple is making things happen.

Sarah & Rew Jones are a wife/husband duo with a background in filmmaking.

They are incredibly creative and do it all together while raising five kids.

You’re going to be amazed at everything they do!

Aspiring children’s authors – start here! An ultimate Q&A guide to self-publishing, just for you. 

Struggling children’s authors – try this out! A book sales diagnostic tool, so you can know for sure where to focus in 2020. 

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Laurie Wright

Laurie Wright

Teacher turned author, turned children's mental health advocate. Laurie has given a TEDx talk, gives workshops for parents, teachers, and children, and has published five books in the Mindful Mantras series, all to help combat the crisis kids are currently facing. Teachers can't stop the urge to teach! A course for creatives who want to write for kids is coming soon!
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