My second Kickstarter

I Matter

Operation: Raise Funds

Today I launched my second Kickstarter!  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s called ‘crowd funding’ and the idea is that a big expense becomes small when spilt between many people.  If lots of people contribute $20 and get something in return, it’s a great way to fund a project.  GoFund Me is a similar idea, but more of those are for personal reasons, whereas Kickstarters are more often creative projects.

It’s difficult to run a Kickstarter campaign, because you’re asking people for money! That’s not ever a good feeling. The first time around, it took me a few weeks to actually launch the campaign – it had been ready to go for a while, but it was so hard to actually DO it!  I finally did, of course, and the result was incredible! So much support it was overwhelming.

When I got the notice that it was fully funded I cried.  It wasn’t about the money so much as it turned out to be about that feeling of support!  Friends from high school that I don’t keep in touch with, except on Facebook supported me.  Aunts, Uncles and In-Laws supported me, and people that I considered acquaintances were QUICK to jump in and help! It was truly incredible. I was so glad in the end that I’d gone ahead with the campaign. It was great exposure, great connections with people, and an all around wonderful experience for me.

So I’m trying again!  My second book is written and waiting, and I am very excited about it! It’s called ‘I Matter’ and it endeavours to show children how they matter, in many small ways every day.  I never want any child to wonder if they matter.

If you want to check out my Kickstarter campaign, and see what it’s all about click this link!

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Laurie Wright

Laurie Wright

Teacher turned author, turned children's mental health advocate. Laurie has given a TEDx talk, gives workshops for parents, teachers, and children, and has published five books in the Mindful Mantras series, all to help combat the crisis kids are currently facing. Teachers can't stop the urge to teach! A course for creatives who want to write for kids is coming soon!
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