For Boys

While kids can learn from all books, they do also relate well to seeing characters that remind them of themselves.

Boys have traditionally been conditioned to squash big feelings and show no emotions!

Let’s work to get rid of that thinking, make emotions okay, and teach all children that it’s okay to show their feelings.

BONUS! A short but catchy song to accompany each book 🎶

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I Can Handle It

Brilliant book that works‘ My son has had problems with self control but is very smart. He loves reading this book and often reads it alone to himself and I have heard him say things like “I can handle it!” In moments of frustration. This is a great book and I highly recommend it.

~Amazon reviewer, Nov. 2019

I Can Handle It 2

A Great Read!‘ I love this book! Holidays are often stressful for adults, but they can also be stressful for kids. This book covers many different scenarios of how holidays can be stressful and gives great (and sometimes silly) ideas on how to handle them. The illustrations are just adorable, and they really keep your child’s attention. This could be an especially useful book for special needs kids. I have a child with autism, and getting off schedule can be difficult. This book is a valuable tool in helping to teach how they can handle the holidays.

~A Greco

I Will Be Okay

Great book to help teach essential skills!We love this book. It’s helped a lot with my daughter and developing a good idea of ways to react to any situation. We’ve read it once a week.

~Zoey Karimzada

I Am Proud Of Myself

‘Learning new things leads builds healthy children’ This book helps children (and their caregivers) remember that learning new things takes time. It shows the feeling of having done something new and struggling with the difficult emotions that go with that in a way that helps. I recommend it for little (or big) persons who find themselves needing encouragement to move into feelings of fear, anxiety, displacement, even empathy and over exuberance.

~Shawnee Hawkins


Featuring four best sellers from the Mindful Mantras collection

I Can Handle It

Are meltdowns common in your home?

Understanding feelings is hard for kids. It’s hard for adults too. 

By repeating simple easy to ‘get’ language, kids realize something powerful.

They CAN handle things!


I Can Handle It 2

Self-talk lasts a lifetime.

Let’s make sure our kids speak well to themselves!

Holidays and special occasions can be particularly tricky for kids. (for adults too!)

By repeating simple easy to ‘get’ language, like I CAN HANDLE IT, kids realize something powerful.

They CAN handle anxious and overwhelming feelings.


I Will Be Okay

To little children, the world is B-I-G and full of confusing situations that create hard to handle feelings.

Telling children repeatedly that they will be okay doesn’t work.

Share the funny pictures in ‘I Will Be Okay’ with your children while reinforcing the idea that they are not helpless, and that they can do things for themselves when they have tricky feelings, that will help them feel okay again.


I Am Proud Of Myself

Are you proud of yourself?

Hopefully, the answer to that question is YES, but even confident people struggle sometimes.

Boost your child’s positive self-talk by teaching them this mantra: I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

Even when things are hard, even when things go wrong, even when things turn out unexpectedly, kids should be proud of the effort they put in.

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