Teacher MEGA Bundle!

The Mindful Mantras Teacher MEGA Bundle

$149.99 USD

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Additional information


Teacher MEGA Bundle!

Resources for your Social/Emotional Program

You will receive:


* The Mindful Mantras Collection (9 books)


* 13 lesson plans  * Daily Quotes
* 9 songs * Daily Mantras
* 2 audiobooks

*Digital products will be sent separately


“I am a children’s mental health counselor – I read this book to children several times since receiving it- so far kids love it and some of its funny suggestions that lighten the uncomfortable feelings/experiences. Great book to add to the emotional intelligence library.” 

“Brilliant. Simple and powerful book that is very empowering for young children. My 5 year old has taken to this immediately. I enthusiastically look forward to more additions to this series. Well done Ms. Wright.”

“This book is such a good tool to help kids see there is always a way. Plus they loved it and laughed and felt empathy all while reading it. This is particularly good for my L who struggles with anger and frustration and can’t always wade through those emotions as easily as most children.”


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